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Tug Fork River Band: An Interview

by JustTerry

We are continuing with the series of interviews. I consider myself to be very lucky, not only do I get to play some of the best Indie music out there but I also get to interview some extremely talented artists as well. Wounded Records has been a long time supported of JTICMP, going all the way back to Episode#10. Today we are sitting down and getting to know one of Wounded Records newest bands. With an incredible sound and great message The Tug Fork River Band is clearly a group of artist to keep your eyes on, and with a CD set to come out in the upcoming year be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this band at the summer festivals. So let us get to it and find out what makes this talented group tick.

[JT] - Could you tell me about the people in your band? First off, I'm Brian I play Bass. Then we have Justin who plays guitar, David plays drums and finally Aaron is our vocalist

[JT] - How did you all meet and how long have been playing together? David and I met when we were in Jr High and tried to get a band going together for a while and finally we got something going there. Then in High School we met Justin and Aaron who were in a band together and David and I got Justin to join that band. Eventually both bands called it quits and David, Aaron Justin and myself started the Tug Fork River Band

[JT] - Where [did the name of your band come from? Our band name is actually the name of the river that divided the Hatfields and McCoys during their infamous feud.

[JT] - Why did you decide to enter the Christian Music Scene? We didn't really "decide" to enter it, it was more of what we felt we are called to do. Especially over this past summer and our subsequent signing to Wounded we feel that GOD is calling us to a ministry through our music.

[JT] - How would you describe your sound? The way I like to describe our sound is Credence Clearwater Revival (CCR) meets 80's Metallica. We take like the groovey southern rock feel and mix it with some down right good thrashy deathy metal. It may not make sense on paper, so just go listen to our stuff on myspace and you'll hear what I'm trying to say.

[JT] - Who are some of your musical influences? Personally: Once Nothing, CCR, Lynyrd Skynyrd, 80's Metallica, MxPx, Everytime I Die, Ace of Base, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, the Showdown, Haste the Day, Ben Folds, Impending Doom to name a few. The Band as a Whole: Once Nothing, Trivium, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, the Showdown, Impending Doom, White Chapel, Lyrnyrd Skynyrd, CCR, Everytime I Die

[JT] - Can you tell me a little about your (individual) musical upbringing? Aaron has been singing since he was a child and sometime in Jr High/High School he learned to play guitar and I'm pretty sure he can play the piano too. David has been playing drums and percussion since he was a kid. His entire family is very musical, both his parents play(ed) percussion as well as a slew of other instruments. He also played tuba for a while as well as playing bass and guitar. Justin played violin for a while in school and took that knowledge over to learning guitar and bass. I know he wants to learn to play piano, drums and tons of other instruments but he hasn't started that yet. Brian, I played viola when I was in Jr High and soon after David and I became friends he and his dad started teaching me how to play bass.

[JT] - How did you all come together as a band? We all went to High School together and were in bands together and separately then and after high school. Eventually all our bands dissolved so we started this one.

[JT] - Do you consider what you are doing to be your ministry? What kinds of other things are you currently involved in? Yes we do very much so, that is why we are in this band to spread GOD's word and love to all who will listen. We are all active in our Churchs' David and I play on the worship team at our church. We all 4 work full times and Justin, David and I are also in school part to full time.

[JT] - Could you tell me about your spiritual Upbringing? Sure, I didn't go to church as a child. It wasn't that my parents don't believe its just they weren't active in their faith. Infact I wasn't even sure about all that "GOD" stuff until I met David and some other friends in Jr High and High School. Thats when GOD worked in me and through others and showed me he was real. I started my relationship with him and from then it hasn't been a walk in the park, but GOD has always taken care of me.

[JT] - Your EP is called "The Dirty Dirty" how did this title come about, and what is the inspiration behind it?
Everytime I Die released a cd this year called the Big Dirty and they are one of our influences and so we were joking around once about parody cd names and so thats how we came up with it.

[JT] - Can you tell me about your song "Bad intentions of a Billy Goat"?
Its about never giving up when you have something holding you back. The title comes from an old rumor that a billy goat is one of the many reasons why the Chicago Cubs are cursed from ever winning a world series.

[JT] - Where do you find inspiration for you music? GOD, what we are listening to at the time, anywhere and everywhere honestly

[JT] - Was there any one person or one moment that changed your life? Other than Jesus, not that I can think of.

[JT] - What advice would give to artists/bands that are just starting out?
Practice as much as possible and play whenever wherever you can and when you are playing live give it 110%, don't worry about what you look like, just focus on having a good time and doing what you love

[JT] - How did you get involved with Wounded Records?
We met them at Cornerstone 2007 through our friends in Neviah Nevi. We kept in contact with them over the next year and at Cornerstone 2008 we met up and talked some more and they came out to see us play once and thought we would make a good addition to their awesome lineup of bands.

[JT] - What do you find to be the most rewarding thing about touring? Meeting new people and sharing GOD with them and hanging out with them and all that stuff.

[JT] - What do you find to be the hardest thing about touring?
We haven't done much touring yet, but from what we have done, its the long drives, little sleep and having shows cancelled. That sucks the most having a show get cancelled.

[JT] - What do you find most exciting about the writing and recording process?
I like hearing the final song recorded and just thinking about how far its come since we began working on it. Knowing that it started a riff or a progression and then it turning into a complete song we practice and then having it recorded and able to thump it in my car its awesome.

[JT] - On your Myspace page you talk about being in the studio to record. What can you tell us about the new project? Well, as I'm typing this we have the music for the CD completely recorded, we just need to do some final edits and mixes on it then they are complete and we are doing vocals this week. So we are hoping to have it done and into the hands of Bryant and Tanja Duncan of Wounded Records, our label, by mid December. We are hoping for a mid May release of the CD so that we can tour and hit up some of the festivals this summer with it.

[JT] - What has God been teaching you lately? More like what hasn't GOD been teaching me lately. We have been doing a devotional as a band after every practice and it has been a really good way to bring us all closer together and closer to GOD for sure.

[JT] - Are there any artists, producers, etc. that you would like to work with? Work with for the record, i don't know i can't really think of anyone off the top of my head. Someone cool though that would only enhance us as people and musicians.

[JT] - Who are some of the artists that you have enjoyed sharing the stage with? Our friends from Neviah Nevi are always fun to play with as well as the dudes from Of the Son.

[JT] - What music have you been listening to? Lately, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, the new Haste the Day, the new Underoath, Bury Your Dead, White Chapel, Impending Doom, Between the Burried and Me, Unearth

[JT] - What do you guys do to relax TV, Games, xbox 360?
Justin and I both like to read. We all like to hang out with our girlfriends and other friends. We all watch TV and movies, listen to music, play our instruments. You know, typical guy stuff.

[JT] - What are your favorite movies/books/TV Shows? Book: currently Going All the Way by Daniel Wakefield Movie: Goonies, Star Wars IV-VI, the LOTRs, Stargate, Point Break, Hot Fuzz, Sean of the Dead TV Shows: I absolutely love the Stargate Series, both SG-1 and Atlantis, the 4400, I've been watching Heroes and the Office with my roommates, Futurama, the Simpsons, Family guy

[JT] - Any Last Comments? Yes, check out our myspace and check out our top friends and make sure you stop by the Wounded Records myspace and take a look at all the awesome bands on their label and support them. Then in the immortal words of Gary Busey: "Fear is the darkroom where the devil develops his negatives." GOD Bless and have a Merry Chrismahankwanzica

[JT] - I also end each interview with some of the questions from James Lipton and the "Inside the Actors Studio so here they are as well. *What is your favorite word?* As of late probably debacle *What sound or noise do you love?* The sound of my cell phone ringing and its someome special calling. *What sound or noise do you hate?* My alarm clock going off. *What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?* Well umm....i'm not sure if you are considering me a full time musican or not, but I am in Culinary School so someday I am going to be a Chef I hope, but if I could do another job other than that I would want to be a foley engineer probably. *What profession would you not like to do? * Anything that would keep me behind a desk doing paper work for more than an hour a day.


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