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Tug Fork River Band

Hails Yes Questions

Please state your name/s and what you do in your band. ( I need to know who is saying what so I can quote you.) My name is Justin and I play guitar for The Tug Fork River Band.

What have you guys up to? Writing, Recording, Touring? We recently finished recording our debut full length album, Catch for Us the Metal, on the Wounded Records label. The album will be available in April. We're currently playing shows in our area, setting up our CD release shows, along with Spring and Summer tours.

If you've got a new record out, where did you record it? Please give me all the details on the tracking/writing process. We recorded at Threshold Studios in our hometown of Indianapolis. Our dude Bone did such an awesome job on our EP, The Dirty, Dirty, that we definitely wanted to go back to record our full length, Catch for Us the Metal. We did some new stuff for this album as far as recording. It was the first time we recorded to a metronome, which made things so much tighter. We definitely should have done that since the beginning ha-ha. We put a ton of time into the drums, getting them basically perfect for this album. We also did some new cool stuff with vocal layering. We did a rendition of The House of the Rising Sun.

Any cool tours lined up in the near future? Currently, we are working on setting up a tour for May in support of the release of the new album, Catch for Us the Metal. We will be playing a number of festivals this summer and fall. Plans also include a bigger tour for late Summer and Fall.

What's the plan for 2009? Well our album, Catch for Us the Metal is coming out April 24th. We will be touring extensively in support of the album and to get our message out. We are looking to send a message across that there is hope, that there is love, and that it can be found in Jesus Christ. Anything you'd like to say that might help me make your piece more interesting to your fans? We are being monitored by a government organization out to destroy us. You can stop them by buying our album; Catch for Us the Metal when it comes out this spring on Wounded Records!


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