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Sonset Down Review

by C.W. Ross, Christian Rockers Online

Title: You Lose 
Style: Hard Rock/Metal 
Rating: 8.5 out of 10 

Sonset Down has only been around since early 2004 but in that short time the band has undergone several member changes to reaching their current lineup of, Dan Webb (vocals), Matt Stanland (vocals, guitar), Bert Connell (guitar, vocals), Jordan Hoffman (bass, vocals), and Matt Smith(drums).  

The band list their musical influences as classic bands like Lynryd Skynrd and Pantera to modern bands, Everytime I Die, Maylene, and The Sons of Disaster.  

The band hails from Valdosta Georgia and labels their music as Southern Metal/Hard Rock.  

Lynryd Skynrd is one of my favorite bands and when I heard them mentioned in the information that came along with the band's CD I was really looking forward to hearing that aspect of their music. Unfortunately I really didn't hear anything like a southern rock sound.  

That being said I could definitely hear the band's hard driving Pantera influenced sound. On You Lose you'll hear the band's hard driving metal beats type songs filled with wailing guitars and ear shaking drum beats.  

The vocals are driven and hard hitting verging on the top of the metal scale and at times almost going into a hardcore screamo mode.  

The band's faith and passion really comes through in the lyrics of the songs, all of which were written by the band. The songs deal with the spiritual battle going on in this world, living a backslidden faith life, and the need for salvation.  

For the most part the 11-tracks of music that are found on You Lose are all out fast paced metal tracks. You'll also find two instrumental tracks on this release, "Casualties," and "Providence."   

"Casualties," is probably the mellowest cut on the CD. It acts almost as a cleansing song letting you catch your breath and prepare for what's ahead.   

The other instrumental track "Providence," it does a nice job of varying the tempo from slow to fast then back to slow adding in appropriate guitar parts that really makes the song work.  

If you like your music fast and looking for something to put either in your home stereo or your car's CD player and blast away then Sonset Down's release You Lose is the one to get.  


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