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Rose McCoy Review

by C.W. Ross, Christian Rockers Online

Title: I Won't Go Quietly EP 
Style: Hardcore/ Screamo 
Rating: 9 out of 10 

Band Lineup: Nathan Thurston (lead vocals), Charlie Thompson (guitar, vocals), Matt Dorris (guitar), Miles Williams (bass), Ben Dennis (drums, vocals)   

The Rose McCoy is a group of friends from Southern Illinois who formed the band in the summer of 2007. You hear the phrase often used that a band has poured everything they have in to their music and with this EP that's actually true. The band has raised money from family, friends, and fans, along with going big time in to debut, with even one of the band member's having to sell one of his guitars. The band has also had to deal with some health problems during the recording process.  

Even fighting all of that the resulting, I Won't Go Quietly EP, is a collection of 6 great songs that fall in to the hardcore, screamo musical genre.   

Things get started with the brutally hard driving track, "The Weather Outside Is Weather," a song filled with stabbing guitars and fat drumbeats. Track-3, "I Wont Go Quietly," is the other really hard driving cut found on this EP.  

On track-2 "Foundations," track- 4 "The World Has Not Known You, But I Have Known You," and track-5 "Your Eyes Almost Told The Truth," the band mixes both hard driving with more melodic parts to create a really nice ebb and flow in the songs.   

Things wrap up with track-6, "Inside The White Lines," a very well done ballad featuring smooth vocals.   

While The Rose McCoy has the music part down, it's their heart for service to the Lord that really shines in their song lyrics as they reach out to a lost and hurting world. The band wants to take their message, that as Christians we need to stand up and help to show those who have been deceived in to thinking that their problems can be solved with worldly things or even by the government, that the only real solution can be found in Jesus.  The band's songs also talk about the need to not ignore the problems found in this world, the need to reach out with a Christ like love to those hurting and in need.  

The band's press material states that, "... overall, our main goal is to share our beliefs with our fans. Jesus Christ is real, he died for our sins, and he loves us more than we will ever imagine or may ever comprehend. We want to spread the message of God's love for everyone, believers and non-believers, to every person in the world. We believe that God has given us this great platform to share our faith with those who will listen. It is our number 1 goal to reach out to every person in the world and tell them about God's love..."  

Have you ever said to yourself I really want to do something to help make the world a better place but don't know what to do? Well here's your chance, this band needs to sell a lot of EPs to get them back on track and to be able to continue with their music. I would strongly encourage you to checkout The Rose McCoy and their I Won't Go Quietly EP.


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