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Neviah Nevi Review

by DJ Stevoleo

The band that is Neviah Nevi has been true to their music and their faith since they started. I have known DeAngela and Joey for many years and they have been focused even through hard times. Now with their second release Tales of Terror on Wounded Records, Neviah Nevi is proving to their fans, their friends and their God that they can overcome hard times. Tales of Terror is one of those albums you can replay over and over again and feel like you have taken in some pure metal. Pushing Up Daises is hands down my favorite track on the album. DeAngela brings an angelic melodic mix into the brutal sounds that only Neviah Nevi can bring! If you are into bands like A plea for Purging, Bloodlined Calligraphy, Haste the Day and Killswitch Engage you should pick up Tales of Terror and add it to your play list. If you don't, you will miss out on a well rounded metal experience.

Steve Dorris
DJ Stevoleo
KTEC 89.5 FM Klamath Falls, Oregon


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