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New Artist: Second Chance Summer

Jeremiah Duncan performing under the stage name of Second Chance Summer has been performing for more than ten years throughout the Midwest. This artist combines serious musicianship with an infectious dose of passion and spirit to create a memorable experience every time he is on the stage.

Second Chance Summer has performed extensively in a variety of venues including festivals, restaurants, coffeehouses, churches, and private events. Second Chance Summer has been in metal, punk and hardcore bands over the years. He has played a variety of instruments, including drums, guitar, and keyboard and also has performed lead and backup vocals.

This new release titled You’re not Bitter, You’re Beautiful by Second Chance Summer will prove to be a new chapter of style from this talented musician.

You’re not Bitter, You’re Beautiful
By Second Chance Summer

1.The Great Divorce
2. Tribute
3. Remember
4. Created To Conquer
5. The Composition Of Sorrow
6. Delia’s Gone
7. My Resting Place
8. The Beauty Of Jadis
9. She’s Cancer
10. The Sound Of Love

All songs written and performed
by Second Chance Summer
**Delia’s Gone – written by Johnny Cash



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Please take the time to welcome and congratulate Second Chance Summer to the Wounded Records family!

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